About us


Maison Jérôme Lefèvre had been founded in 2020. It combines Champagne Delalot and Champagne Jérôme Lefèvre.

In 2009, Jérôme Lefèvre created Champagne Delalot from a very small vineyard in the family since 8 generations in the coteaux of Charly sur Marne and Saulchery. The vines had been turned organic and the first wine came out in 2013. Since then, parcelar cuvées Pleiades, Les Illuminations, Impressions and the assemblage Dionysiaques are made each time vintage.

From 2019, the domain increased with new parcels in Mont de Bonneil and Essômes sur Marne. It was the moment Jérôme Lefèvre needed to go further with new kind of champagnes and founded Maison Jérôme Lefèvre.

One year later, the negoce ability of the Maison gives the possibility to explore cuvées as diverse as the terroir can be.

And because the ambition is to continue to experiment in winemaking, Champagne Jérôme Lefèvre is not a range of cuvées but a collection of wines that are always new.

The Maison Jérôme Lefèvre boutique sells champagne Jérôme Lefèvre, Delalot, and the spirits of Société Marnaise de Spiritueux.